New York City Metro Short-Term
Foster Care / Immigrant Children

In 2014 Cayuga Centers embarked on a journey to meet an emerging need in the United States that addresses the care, safety and support of unaccompanied immigrant children. Our mission is to serve children, families and individuals, within a safe and therapeutic environment, so that they may grow as independent, healthy human beings.  Within this mission, we believe all children deserve to feel safe. 

With our expertise in Treatment Family Foster Care, Cayuga Centers proposed placing immigrant children in foster home settings where they could be in a home environment rather than in congregate facilities. The agency received funding through the Office of Refugee Resettlement to offer 396 short-term Treatment Foster Care beds for these children in New York City and its boroughs. These children are placed in Spanish-speaking foster homes as they await reunification with a family member or sponsor, or return to the country of origin. We also provide long-term foster care for unaccompanied youth who do not have sponsors but can’t be deported because their lives may be in danger in their home country, providing a safe, stable environment and a therapy-rich program as they work out their legal status.

Before placement in a foster home, Cayuga Centers completes processing that includes medical and therapeutic assessments. Foster parents receive extensive training and 24 hour on call support. Children are matched with foster parents who can best meet their cultural and emotional needs. The average length of placement is 14 – 30 days, and foster parents receive a stipend for each day of placement. During placement, Cayuga Centers provides ongoing medical and therapeutic services, educational programming, day care, and necessary support as required by immigration law.

Employment Opportunities

The program is supported by a staff of over 200 that includes medical personnel, clinicians, case managers, teachers, skills trainers and case aides. All positions are held by bi-lingual (English/Spanish) staff.  More information about employment opportunities is available here

First Lady of Honduras Visits Program

Cayuga Centers welcomed First Lady of Honduras, Ana García de Hernández, to tour the agency’s Unaccompanied Children Foster Care program in New York City on September 27, 2015. 

The First Lady met with staff and foster parents providing short term foster care to Unaccompanied Children (UC) awaiting reunification with family or legal proceedings. 

Tracing_the_First_Ladys_Hand.jpg         Placing_her_Hand_on_the_Tree.jpg

She greeted the children and gave them gifts, then traced her hand to add to the Handprint Tree in the Lobby, and took a souvenir handprint tree with her.


The First Lady presented a gift to Cayuga Centers President & CEO Edward Myers Hayes.


Families Needed

We need Spanish speaking Foster Parents! More information available here.