If someone stumbles in the forest, who hears?

Everyone stumbles. Since 1852 we have heard and supported children, families, and individuals who have stumbled and need help taking the next step. We began as an orphanage, providing a home for children when their family members could not. We have evolved. We are a nationally recognized leader in research-informed treatment programs for troubled youth and their families.  We have developed family therapy and resiliency programs. We work with children and adults who have developmental disabilities. We support families and individuals experiencing mental health issues. We help infants who need early intervention in order to thrive. We are Cayuga Centers.

Why are we here?
Whom do we serve?
What do we do?
How do we do it?
How can we help?
Make the Connection.

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ATTENTION: ALL CHILDREN WHO ARE OR WILL BE IN THE NEW YORK CITY FOSTER CARE SYSTEM Please read the following, which outlines the proposed settlement in a class action lawsuit called Elisa W. v. The City of New York. Elisa W. v. The City of New York Notice of Settlement of Class Action Lawsuit