Cayuga Centers Elects Members to the Board of Trustees at 166th Annual Meeting

Oct 26, 2018

Cayuga Centers Elects Members to the Board of Trustees at 166th Annual Meeting

Members of Cayuga Home for Children, Inc., dba Cayuga Centers, recently held their 166th Annual Meeting and elected incumbents Anne Marie Bernardoni, Gilda Brower, Faye Hylton, and Kelli Otis to serve terms until 2021. Jennifer Rampersaud, whose term also expired, did not seek re-election. Board Chair David Warren Connelly expressed gratitude for those continuing on the Board of Trustees, and thanked Ms. Rampersaud for her service.

With seven Trustees from the New York City metropolitan area, five from Auburn, one from Central New York outside Auburn, and one from Florida, the slate has one open seat, which the Nominating Committee anticipates filling in coming months.

President & CEO Edward Myers Hayes said, “We are pleased these Trustees have chosen to continue serving the agency and appreciate the skills and the experience they bring as we continue to deliver quality services to high need populations and expand our programs. Indeed we believe we have seated our next generation of Board members as we continue into our 167th year of service."

Those gathered approved the 2017-2018 Acts of the Trustees and heard reports from the CEO and from Board Chair David Connelly.

Corporation members received the agency’s 2017-2018 Annual Report, which highlighted agency updates using a newspaper headline motif. Hayes noted, “This past year has been like no other in our history,” describing the closure of the agency’s Residential Treatment Center and growth in the agency’s foster care programs. He expressed gratitude for the generosity of agency supporters, and showed a video highlighting a track and field event put on by the Armory for unaccompanied children in foster care.


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