Cayuga Centers' Brush with History

Aug 10, 2018



Auburn, NY – Kim Dungey, Marketing/PR Specialist for Cayuga Centers, will describe the connection the agency had with philanthropist Harriet Tubman at a 6 pm presentation August 20, 2018 at Seymour Library. She’ll share current programming and history of the agency which started in 1852 as an orphanage, the Cayuga Asylum for Destitute Children, with a story of care given by Harriet Tubman to one of the orphans.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Management degree from Houghton College, Dungey has worked at Cayuga Centers since 2005. While conducting an agency-wide reorganization of old files, she came across original hand-written ledger books documenting the placement of children in the orphanage.  This began her fascination with and study of the agency’s history, and her stumbling upon the connection with Tubman.

For more information on Cayuga Centers, see the history page of the website:


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