People on the Move: Johneeda Williams to oversee foster parent recruitment for Cayuga Centers program in Delaware

Jun 04, 2018

Middletown, DE – Johneeda Williams has been promoted from skills trainer to homefinder for the Delaware treatment family foster care (TFFC) program operated by Cayuga Centers.

As homefinder, Williams will recruit, train, and facilitate certification of host parents for the specialized foster care program, which serves hard-to-place youth who cannot stay at home and have difficulties in a group setting. Cayuga Centers places these youth with highly trained and supported foster parents who work with a team of specialists to meet the youth’s goals of healing from trauma and learning to regulate emotions and behaviors.

Williams began her career with Cayuga Centers as a skills trainer, working directly with youth, helping them identify and acquire skills needed to achieve personal goals. In that role, she has worked with the team to help establish individualized treatment plans for each foster child.  As homefinder, she’ll work more directly with host parents as they join the agency and participate as active members of the treatment team for the youth under their care. She will serve as a resource and trouble-shooter to host families, helping them maintain a good working relationship with the other members of the team, the youth, and their birth family.

Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services from Springfield College, Williams has several years of progressive experience in case management in both public and private sectors. She says, “I remain driven by a strong passion for helping at-risk youth reach their fullest potential. This opportunity will allow me to cultivate strong host families who share my same passion of empowering these youth.” 

Shayne Jervey, Director of Delaware TFFC, describes Williams as “a dedicated worker with passion and excitement for the youth and families that we serve. Her strong interpersonal skills, creativity and strong affiliations with community present an exciting opportunity for our program. She will continue to do an outstanding job supporting our current and new foster parents as the program continues to expand in Delaware.”

Cayuga Centers continues ongoing recruitment for foster parents to open their homes to youth in the program. Foster parents must be age 21 or older, have a bedroom for the youth in a safe, stable home, and have a monthly household income (salary, pension, public assistance or Social Security).  

For more information on becoming a foster parent, please call Johnee at 302-299-7261 or visit


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