Cayuga Centers Thanks You

Jun 26, 2018

Dear Friends,

Humanity is alive and well. To the thousands of people that have reached out to Cayuga
Centers with care and concern for our immigrant foster children, we say Thank You. Thank
you for being a member of our global family, thank you for asking the hard questions, thank
you for opening your hearts, your homes and your wallets, and thank you for your support
of these vulnerable children, our dedicated foster parents and our committed staff.

As you can imagine, Cayuga Centers has been flooded with donations and good thoughts
over the last week. We have received hundreds of inquiries every day since June 20th
and people continue to ask ‘how may I help?’ In fact, we recently received a donation from
public school children in New York representing the proceeds from a lemonade stand.

Due to the nature of our program, and state and federal regulations surrounding children’s
privacy and well-being, we are unable to invite volunteers into the program. Background
checks, fingerprints and state registry clearances are required and take time and resources
to process.

Thanks to the goodness of so many, as well as the provisions of our contract, we are
no longer in need of food, clothing or diapers. We have, however, created an
Amazon Wish List featuring items that are not covered in our contracted services or items
that will help supplement those already covered. Items can be shipped to 250 Walton Ave,
Suite 2N, Bronx, NY 10451. Attn: UC Foster Program. The items on this list will allow
us to further enhance our recreational activities, continue our art therapy and group
therapy programs with additional resources, and provide reunification packs when
children are united with family members. We also welcome passes to museums and
recreational facilities or events. Further questions may be directed to info(at)

Although we have not solicited financial donations, many generous people have chosen to
support the agency through those means. If you wish to make a charitable contribution,
you can donate here.

Cayuga Centers will continue to provide exemplary foster care to these children until such time
as each one is reunited with his or her loving family. To each of you, we say Thank You and
Muchas Gracias -- two small words that convey our immense and heartfelt gratitude.


Edward Myers Hayes
President & CEO
June 2018


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