Cayuga Centers starts 2018 by increasing services to Palm Beach County Children

Jan 19, 2018

Palm Beach County  – “They come to us feeling lost and alone, but leave with the tools and supports to move forward,” a foster parent notes about children she’s fostered in Cayuga Centers’ enhanced foster care program.  It’s a form of care that individualizes services for every child. Many children have experienced significant trauma from a variety of sources and need strong supports to enable them to heal. The program embraces children ages 0-18, including those who have had multiple previous placements, sibling groups, gay and transgender children and those with behavioral health needs.  Subcontracted by ChildNet since 2015 as an enhanced foster care provider, Cayuga Centers recently added traditional foster care to its program of services.  This enables the agency to serve even more children in Palm Beach County.

Cayuga Centers’ foster care programs feature highly trained and supported foster parents who work as part of an integrated team to care for the children placed in their home. Children benefit from strong staff teams that oversee every aspect of their care in an integrated plan.  Staff members provide therapy and skills training to each child, serve as liaisons with case managers, and create individualized plans in cooperation with the child, foster family and birth family. Unlike some programs, which rely on outside contractors for therapy, a Cayuga Centers staff clinician is part of the treatment team, which means a child is immediately provided therapy, rather than waiting for a lengthy referral to an outside agency.

Cayuga Centers foster parents are a diverse group of committed individuals that offer nurturing care, a stable environment, and structure and predictability for children in their home.  They range in age from their late 20s to early 70s and represent many cultures, races, faiths, lifestyles, and sexual orientations. Some have already raised children and others have no children of their own. They value their partnership with the Cayuga Centers team but have also created a very strong peer community amongst themselves.  Foster parents support each other through monthly meetings and various social and recreational gatherings.  They are a sounding board for other foster parents and for those considering becoming foster parents.

Foster parenting takes many forms – those new to the role, those with many years of experience who enjoy an ongoing relationship with children even after they’ve left their care, some who provide short-term care or occasional respite, and those who’ve gone on to adopt a child or children from foster care.

As we begin a new year, now is an opportune time to learn more about becoming a foster parent, and how partnering with Cayuga Centers can help give children a new start. The agency conducts ongoing recruitment for foster parents and seeks couples or individuals interested in providing a safe, secure home, big hearts and a willingness to work with the team to help care for children whose families are in crisis.  Foster parents must be over 21 and the home must have a separate bedroom for the child.  

Those interested in considering foster parenting are invited to an Information/Orientation Session Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at 6:30 pm at the program office, 3155 Lake Worth Rd., Suite 1, Palm Springs, FL 33461. To find out more, call 561-398-5330 or 561-246-7320

Cayuga Centers, based in Auburn, N.Y., serves children and families throughout New York State, Palm Beach County, Florida, and Delaware offering a variety of evidence-based programs, residential and foster care treatment, and services for persons with developmental disabilities. Cayuga Centers, with more than 600 positions, has a $67 million annual budget.




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