Liliana Santizo promoted

Apr 21, 2017

Troy Brathwaite, Chief Operating Officer – NYC, announced the promotion of Liliana (Gaby) Santizo from the position of Intake Manager to Program Manager for the NYC Long Term Foster Care Unaccompanied Children program. The appointment is in response to Cayuga Centers’ U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement contract to begin long-term foster care for youth who do not have sponsors but can’t be deported because their lives may be in danger in their home country.

Liliana_Santizo.JPGSantizo has been a staff member with the agency’s short-term foster care program for Unaccompanied Children since its inception in 2014, holding several positions; most recently Manager of Intake.  She says, “I love the opportunity I have to give back and to empower.  Not only empower the population we serve, but the staff I am granted a chance to work with.”  She continues, “The work we do is important, for so many reasons, but connecting with people, and spreading love is the most important to me.”

Santizo expresses concern for the challenge of the unknown, “There is what I call the healthy weight of stress with the work we do.  While I can create strategic approaches and plan away, I know that there will be aspects about our efforts that will be paved as we do the work.”

She holds a BLA from The College of New Rochelle and is an Amberton University MBA candidate. Originally from Guatemala, she migrated with her parents, who came to New York seeking work opportunities, and to join family.  She says, “My parents have been my inspiration to aim for the sky and work smart, but hard.”

“My interest has always been in helping when help is needed and organizing where organizing is needed. I did some federal contractual work nationwide and funding ended.  Cayuga Centers was offering to do work with a population that I hold dear to my heart.  I saw no option but to apply;  it was a dream come true for me. I share a deep connection to the work I do and travel frequently to Guatemala to pursue work in the community development with indigenous populations.”

The grant is for 12 foster homes; Santizo will oversee the work of seven new staff members to support the program. 
Read more about foster care for unaccompanied children here.


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