Gang training for staff members

Mar 02, 2017

Cayuga Centers held gang training for those working with clients most likely to be directly involved in gang activity as well as other interested staff members.

The trainer for the half day program was Mark Gould, a retired corrections officer who has been conducting gang training for over 15 years. He was a State Hostage Negotiator and Team Leader for the Critical Incident Stress Management Team. A trainer for the state, Gould was a member of the Crisis Intervention Unit for 17 years; 12 years as the Team Leader. The team tracked gangs, identified nicknames and served as the facility’s information gatherers.

Gould is a member of the New York State Gang Association, whose mission is to share information and work with social service agencies, community-based organizations and the education system to impact the spread of gangs.

During the training, Gould taught staff members how to recognize gang signs, symbols, and activities, and ways to respond when clients showed behaviors indicative of gang activity.


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