Cayuga Centers Hosts NYC Reception

Mar 20, 2017

New York, NY – Cayuga Centers hosted a reception at its new West 125th Street office for NYC friends of the agency to tell the organization’s story of service and expansion.

“Cayuga Centers changes lives wherever we go,” said Edward Myers Hayes, president and CEO of Cayuga Centers, to the 75 guests. “We establish ourselves in geographic areas where much needed treatment and support services for youth and families have not existed.”

Cayuga_Centers_NYC_Reception.JPGIt is the agency’s Unaccompanied Children program that has most dramatically expanded. The program provides foster care for children from Central America fleeing violence and victimization The US Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) has renewed and expanded its grant, increasing from 300 to 600 short-term transitional foster care beds. A second contract with ORR will house 12 youth in long-term foster care homes. These are youth without eligible sponsors but who can’t be deported because their lives may be in danger in their home country. Hayes noted, “Our growth with the Unaccompanied Children program complements the increased work we are doing with NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services in Treatment Foster Care.”

Hayes invited guests to view the premiere of the This is Cayuga Centers film, which highlights programs including residential and foster care treatment, community-based initiatives, services for people with developmental disabilities. The organization which began in 1852 as an orphanage in upstate New York now serves children and youth in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems through residential treatment, treatment family foster care and community-based interventions programs. Officials in Palm Beach County, Fla., and the State of Delaware invited Cayuga Centers to offer its successful treatment family foster care program in those locations.

Guests contributed over $5,000 toward the agency’s capital campaign which will support continued program expansion while maintaining high quality, impactful interventions, and to grow into geographic areas where services are not otherwise available.

Event sponsors were Cookie’s Department Store, Craven Films, Samuel N.O. Echezona, MD; Eagle Consulting Services Corporation, Linda Lebowitz; Fieldston Properties, Hugh Lawrence, and Park Terrace Café.

Capital campaign gifts will help purchase property to accommodate growing support staff, expand the reach of respite services, and position the agency to competitively bid on new business opportunities across the US.


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