Training in Rapid Resolution Therapy

Feb 10, 2017

Cayuga Centers staff members are receiving training in Rapid Resolution Therapy, conducted by program founder and developer Dr. Jon Connelly.  Divided into two cohorts, the two dozen therapists in each group will complete the 75 hour training in 25 hour intervals over the next three months.

Dr._Jon_Connelly_Trains_Cayuga_Centers_Staff_in_RRT.jpgThe intention is to implement the approach particularly with children in the agency’s short term foster care program based in the Bronx. This therapy is noted to help people regulate their feelings and return to a baseline of functioning in 1 – 3 sessions, unlike other programs which may require numerous sessions over a longer time period.  Melinda Jimenez, Vice President for the agency’s NYC-based Transitional Foster Care program said, “This program will work well with our program as our average length of stay is somewhere between 22 and 28 days. This population often reports sexual trauma and childhood abuse, and are noted to have symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, anger management problems, and traumatic grief.” 

Cayuga Centers uses a longer term therapeutic approach, Trauma Systems Therapy, with clients in many of its out-of-home care programs or community-based interventions. Practitioners trained in both approaches will return to their departments prepared to assess the fit for applying the new therapy in each program.


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