Dontay Wilson recognized by NAACP

Feb 03, 2017

Cayuga Centers Group Care Worker Dontay Wilson was recognized by the Auburn/Cayuga branch of the NAACP as an 18th Anniversary Award Recipient at its Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Millennium Award luncheon January 27, 2017

Raised by a single mother who inspired the best in him, Wilson says working in human services seems like a natural fit. His mother taught him to work hard and to be humble as he helped others. He appreciates coaches who’ve mentored him and inspired him to succeed in high school so he could attend college.

Dontay_Wilson_Cayuga_Centers_Group_Care_Worker.jpgWilson has taken that experience of mentorship personally, and in his work since 2012 at Cayuga Centers, finds the challenges posed by the at-risk youth have also shown him resiliency in spite of their past experiences. Even when not at work, he gives back to the community by actively volunteering with youth programs.

About the award, Wilson says, “I was shocked at first because I honestly felt that I did nothing special to receive an award or recognition. All I do is get up every day and do my job and try to help folks when I can do so. After talking with a few folks, I felt differently – they helped me realize that the work we do here at Cayuga Centers is tough but rewarding as well.” Unit Manager Richard Thomas said, “Dontay is more than a Group Care Worker to the youth and staff in May Cottage.  He is trusted and respected by all.”


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