Agency recognized for growth

Feb 17, 2017

Cayuga Centers was recognized for its recent growth and expansion by Jody Frawley, David Capria, and Will Landry, Ambassador Committee volunteers for Centerstate CEO.  Frawley presented a Certificate of Achievement to President & CEO Edward Myers Hayes, and Vice President of Community Partnerships, Diane (Dee Dee) Schenck.  Pictured:  Dave Capria, Edward Myers Hayes, Jody Frawley, Diane (Dee Dee) Schenck, Will Landry.

Centerstate_CEO_visit.JPGHayes described recent dynamic agency growth across New York State and into Florida and Delaware that has expanded the scope and reach of the human services organization.  Making a deliberate choice to maintain agency headquarters in Auburn, NY, Hayes notes the increased number of support staff positions requires more office space. Based on the early success of a capital campaign, the agency recently purchased property at 49 Kearney Avenue, Auburn, without taking on a mortgage. 

He described Cayuga Centers’ program areas – residential treatment and foster care for youth placed by family court; services for people with developmental disabilities; an array of community-based interventions; and a fast growing transitional foster care program based in New York City. That federally funded program cares for unaccompanied immigrant children in Spanish-speaking foster homes. Cayuga Centers provides medical care and mental health assessments; children attend a learning center that acclimates them to school and teaches life skills important in the culture of the United States. The typical length of stay is 22 days – youth are united with a qualified sponsor to await government decisions about their future.

The agency’s most recent program addition is SafeCare, a home-based intervention for Cayuga County families who are at-risk for child maltreatment or who have been reported for child maltreatment. SafeCare workers will teach infant and child health, home safety and parent-child interactions, helping parents provide a safe, nurturing environment as they raise their small children.

Centerstate CEO volunteers were impressed by the agency’s scope of services and growth and applauded the agency’s guiding principle for quality - “If my child was in need, would I put them in this program?  If not, we can’t put any child in the program.”


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