Ann Sheedy Appointed Chief of Operations for Central New York

Oct 11, 2016

Cayuga Centers President and CEO Edward Myers Hayes has announced the appointment of Ann Sheedy, LMSW, PhD to the position of Chief of Operations for Central New York. This completes the agency’s restructuring of its leadership team, begun earlier this year.

“I have appointed Dr. Sheedy, of Skaneateles, NY, to the executive team position of Chief of Operations for Central New York.”  Sheedy will oversee Out-of-Home Care, Community-Based Interventions, and Services for People with Developmental Disabilities Departments, as well as facilities operations including health and wellness, maintenance and food service.

Sheedy_Ann.jpgHayes says, “As we have grown our programs we have added structure as well as resources to our organization. Dr. Sheedy’s role will help maintain the high quality of our interventions and services, which differentiates us from other organizations.”

For Sheedy, it’s a home-coming of sorts. She first worked for the agency in 1991, when as supervisor then as director, she was instrumental in initiating the Family Preservation Program. The successful home-based program was the beginning of numerous other community-based programs, which resulted in the agency’s development of the Community-Based Initiatives Department. Before leaving in 2002 to pursue work in other human services agencies and a return to academia, she had advanced through several agency positions including Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

With a master’s degree in social work and a PhD in Children and Family Studies from Syracuse University, she held a faculty position at Cazenovia College before returning to Cayuga Centers. Hayes notes, "We are incredibly fortunate to get someone of Ann's talent and experience and caliber. The fact she is returning to us after having made such a large contribution in putting us on the road to who Cayuga Centers has become is especially wonderful."

About this new position, Sheedy says, “Ed Hayes has been a mentor for many years, and has been an incredible leader while he has grown leaders in the agency. I admire the foundational principle, ‘we want to do the best work that we can.’ As a faculty member I loved teaching and research, but missed the practice and wanted to become more involved in how we deal with families and kids.” As I have held other leadership positions, I have always compared that work to Cayuga Centers and realized this is where to do it.  It’s good to be back in the field and in the community.”


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