Auburn Mayor Visits Cayuga Centers

Jun 01, 2016

Auburn Mayor Michael D. Quill and Assistant to the Mayor and Council, Rhonda Miller, visited the Cayuga Centers campus June 1, 2016 to learn about agency programs. 

Edward Myers Hayes, President & CEO, gave an overview of the agency’s program areas: Residential Treatment, Treatment Family Foster Care, Community-Based Interventions, Services for People with Developmental Disabilities, and Transitional Foster Care for Unaccompanied Children. He emphasized the agency’s recent growth which includes the expansion of foster care to Delaware and Florida. Hayes noted that agency success is founded on “doing the extras for children and families. If we wouldn’t offer a program to our own children, we won’t provide it to someone else’s child.”

Kelly_Ware_Rhonda_Miller_Mayor_Quill.jpgAs the group visited the bedroom of a young woman in the residential treatment program, Kelly Ware, Director of Case Planning and After Care, described the individualized care given to each youth.  Teens are actively engaged in Individual and Group Therapy to help heal from trauma and manage mental health issues.  At the same time, family members are involved in treatment planning and Family Therapy. 

Jessica Whitwood, Coordinator of Cayuga Family Resiliency Programs, explained the agency’s home and community-based interventions that work to prevent out-of-home placements or which can work effectively with youth and families before, during and after discharge from a facility to ease the transition back home. 

Shannon Abate, Vice President of Services for People with Developmental Disabilities, led the group through the agency’s Respite space, a program which gives a break for caregivers of those with developmental disabilities, while engaging the consumer in social activities. The program can play an important role in helping families care for their loved one at home. She described Medicaid Service Coordination, which assists over 1,000 individuals in obtaining needed services. The group also walked through the gymnasium and rec center, and the agency’s health department.


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