Elizabeth Palin Chief Fiscal Officer

May 03, 2016

Auburn, NY – Cayuga Centers President and CEO Edward Myers Hayes has restructured the agency’s executive team, promoting Elizabeth Palin to the position of Chief Fiscal Officer.  “This new position brings together agency-wide aspects of operations – encompassing Finance, IT, and HR. Ms. Palin’s strong work has raised our fiscal operations to a higher level of functioning and I look forward to her continuing to develop this and our other core services of human resources and information technology as we grow our programs and our agency.”

Palin_Beth.jpgHayes said, “Growing our programs from a limited program agency serving only Cayuga County with a $2 million budget to a multi-service provider that operates programs throughout Central New York State, New York City, Florida and Delaware, prompts a need to enhance structure and organization of our agency-wide management functions. This structure will better support staff members across the agency as it allows us to continue our growth.”

Palin joined Cayuga Centers as Chief Financial Officer in 2012.  She came from a not-for-profit background as Director of Finance. She received her bachelor's degree in accounting from SUNY Institute of Technology and after college worked in public accounting obtaining her Certified Public Accountancy license. She is a member of the NYS Society of CPAs. 

Palin is pleased to be working to oversee the integration of three distinct departments – Finance, IT, and HR.  “I can better understand how these formerly separate circles intersect. For example, learning about IT needs better enables me to finance those needs.  Knowing about HR recruitment helps me identify more clearly the equipment needed – phone, computers, software.”

About Cayuga Centers, Palin says agency programs have greater diversity than those with which she was familiar previously.  She “likes – no, loves – the passion staff have for their programs.  Most believe strongly in our mission and in what we do.  I have a greater appreciation for the individuals we serve and for my role within the agency.”


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