Cayuga Centers Promotes Troy Brathwaite

May 02, 2016

Auburn, NY – Due to recent dramatic growth in operations based in New York City, Cayuga Centers President and CEO Edward Myers Hayes has promoted Troy Brathwaite to the position of Chief of Operations – New York City.  Brathwaite was previously responsible to oversee the NYC-based federally funded foster care program for unaccompanied children and Treatment Family Foster Care, as well as start-ups in both Florida and Delaware when the agency received contracts to expand foster care out of state. 

Brathwaite_Troy.jpgAgency restructuring and this promotion more narrowly focus Brathwaite’s direction to the NYC programs, which have recently expanded, with strong possibilities for further growth. The agency’s foster care contract with New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services has increased from 22 to 32 beds, with the expectation of more, and expansion in the unaccompanied children program has increased the initial number of 300 to 396.  The agency awaits notification from the federal government about possible doubling of those beds and the creation of additional services for unaccompanied children.

Hayes noted that Brathwaite will “oversee both program and day-to-day operations in the New York City office, including administrative office and medical office management, with authority to make decisions regarding employment, programs and the use of resources.”

Brathwaite indicates he particularly likes the communication and support among various Cayuga Centers support teams, and looks forward to assuming greater operational responsibility.  As Brathwaite’s responsibilities for day-to-day operations increase, Hayes will transition from them, with greater ability to focus his role as President and CEO on strategic growth and positioning, and the creation of new, and the reinvention of existing programs.


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