Nathaniel Spieker Promoted to Chief Quality Officer

Apr 28, 2016

Auburn, NY – As part of restructuring the agency’s management, Cayuga Centers President and CEO Edward Myers Hayes has announced the promotion of Nathaniel Spieker. “I have promoted Mr. Spieker of Syracuse, NY, to the position of Chief Quality Officer on the executive team.”  Spieker will oversee the agency’s compliance, outcome and performance measurements, and investigations, and he will supervise the bringing of the electronic consumer record system on-line.”

Spieker_Nate.jpgHayes says, “As we have grown our programs we have added structure as well as resources to our organization. Mr. Spieker’s new role will help maintain the high quality of our interventions and services, which differentiates us from other organizations.”

Spieker has worked at Cayuga Centers since 2002 in multiple positions, including Group Care Worker, Overnight Supervisor, Case Manager, and Home Finder, and Vice President of CQI. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice from Keuka College, and his Master's in Management from Keuka College in 2014.

Spieker defines (CQI) as constantly looking at processes in order to create improvement. He described the need for an enhanced CQI Department by noting the increased scrutiny under which agencies operate, and changes in regulations as the organization has increased the intensity of the services provided.  “We focus not just on policy and procedure, but ask, ‘what does it mean to engage staff to make services better?’ We find a hole – for example, staff not writing a case note as clearly as it should be, and using supervision and training, work to correct and enhance that in the future. We work to mitigate risks that may present themselves while creating best practices for the work we do.”

Spieker said, “I enjoy working with the people at Cayuga Centers.  Their willingness to learn from the CQI process in order to provide better service today than yesterday is inspiring.”


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