Christine Moulton appointed Vice President of Strategic Growth

Apr 26, 2016

Auburn, NY – Cayuga Centers President and CEO Edward Myers Hayes recently announced changes in the agency’s organization and structure, positioning Cayuga Centers for greater effectiveness and future growth.

Chris_Moulton.JPGHayes says, “As we have grown our programs from a limited program agency serving only Cayuga County with a $2 million annual budget to a multi-service provider that operates programs throughout New York State, Florida and Delaware, we have added structure as well as resources to our organization.

I have promoted Christine Moulton of Union Springs, NY, to the position of Vice President of Strategic Growth. Chris was instrumental in opening a 300-bed unaccompanied child foster care program in New York City, as well as taking a lead role in the opening of a foster care program in Delaware. These projects were accomplished while she carried out other responsibilities as our Fundraising Specialist at the time.”

In her new position, Moulton will oversee the agency’s Treatment Family Foster Care programs in Florida and in Delaware, and supervise the Strategic Initiatives and Training Departments. Moulton said she looks forward to helping position the agency for greater breadth and depth of growth. “It’s been exciting to share our evidence-based work with a broader audience where there is great excitement and interest in our programs. There are areas hungry to bring in programs with a successful track record.”  Most recently, Moulton was instrumental in securing a contract to provide a home-based program in Albany County, using evidence-informed practices to provide intensive therapy and support to families with children at risk for removal to out-of-home placement.  Already, the program is near capacity.

Moulton said, “We are pursuing new business on a federal level as well as with several states.  I have great respect for the work my colleagues do and the youth and families we serve.  I am proud to be part of that partnership.”

Moulton attended Lafayette College and Empire State College.  Prior coming to Cayuga Centers in 2013 she was the Executive Director of the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York.

Hayes said, “Ms. Moulton has played an important role in our recent growth. Her new role will help us continue to create and disseminate effective programs which improve the lives of children and families."


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