Cayuga Centers Welcomes the Honorable Michael F. McKeon

Jan 29, 2016

Auburn, NY – The Honorable Michael F. McKeon, Auburn City Court Judge, Debbie Robillard, Chief Clerk and Laurie Michelman, Court Attorney visited the Cayuga Centers campus January 29, 2016 to learn about placement and prevention programs.

Edward Myers Hayes, Cayuga Centers President & CEO, thanked Judge McKeon for his level of care and discernment in making decisions that best meet the needs of each child, adding, “We don’t take that for granted.”  Hayes gave an overview of the agency’s main program areas: Residential Treatment Center, Treatment Family Foster Care in CNY, NYC and Palm Beach County, Florida, Foster Care for Unaccompanied Children in NYC, Community-Based Interventions, and Services for People with Developmental Disabilities.

Judge McKeon toured the Residential Treatment Center with Dee Dee Schenck, Vice President for Operations, Rhoda Overstreet-Wilson, Vice President for Out-of-Home Care; Robert Hulik, Director of Daily Living, Kelly Ware, Director of Case Planning & After Care Services, and Christine Moulton, Director of Strategic Initiatives. They discussed the agency’s residential treatment program, which uses Trauma Systems Therapy and includes individual and family therapy for each youth. 

Staff members also described newly created programs which can meet important needs for youth. Respite can deter a youth from removal by helping the family and child to stabilize and overcome barriers for the youth to safely return home. Alternative to Detention is a short placement in lieu of jail or other secure placement. Judge McKeon commented this might fill a gap when a youth is homeless to avoid placement in adult programs.

In addition, Cindi Pagan, Vice President for Community-Based Initiatives, described the agency’s home and community-based interventions that work to prevent out-of-home placements or that can work effectively with youth and families before, during and after discharge from a facility to ease the transition back home. 


L to r rear: Cindi Pagan, Christine Moulton, Judge Michael McKeon, Edward Myers Hayes
L to r front: Dee Dee Schenck, Debbie Robillard, Laurie Michelman, Kelly Ware


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