Additional Board Members Appointed

Jun 18, 2015

Auburn, NY – The Board of Trustees of Cayuga Centers recently appointed new members to fill vacant positions on the agency's board.

Robert Granato, of Auburn, NY, owns Auburn Eye Care.  As a business owner, he brings knowledge of the business environment and finance, as well as connections to the local business community.

Kelli Otis, of Oswego, NY, retired this week as Oswego County’s Supervisor of Probation. She brings over 31 years of working closely with Family Court, agencies and school districts to provide best practices to juveniles within the county.

Johan Powell, Esq., of New York City, is both a lawyer and a professor of law at Hofstra University.  He is also a leader in the Malik Fraternity, Inc.

Jennifer Rampersaud lives in the New York City area, but her family hails from Guyana.  She is an entrepreneur with a background in healthcare, mortgage companies, employment agencies and investment and finance.  She has been actively involved in several charities. 

Cayuga Centers recently received an $18 million annual contract from the Office of Refugee Resettlement to provide short-term foster care for Unaccompanied Children. This contract substantially increased Cayuga Centers programming in New York City which has led to an increase in the number of members on the agency’s Board who live and work in the NYC area.   Additionally, the agency has just received a contract for a 48 bed therapeutic foster care program in Palm Beach County, FL.

Edward Myers Hayes, Cayuga Centers President and CEO, said, “We are pleased to add these strong new Board members. All have given countless hours in service and will add their expertise to the agency as we move into the future.”

Cayuga Centers, headquartered in Auburn, NY, serves children and families throughout New York State and Florida, offering a variety of evidence-based programs, residential and foster care treatment, and services for persons with developmental disabilities. Cayuga Centers, with over 450 employees, has a $40 million budget.


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