May is Foster Care Month

May 04, 2015

Cayuga Centers, headquartered in Auburn, NY, offers foster care in several programs across New York State and in Palm Beach County, Florida.  In 2004, the agency began providing an enhanced program of services – Treatment Family Foster Care – in Central New York, expanding to the Bronx in 2005, and most recently, opening the program in April in Palm Beach County, Florida under the auspices of ChildNet, Inc.

 According to Cayuga Centers President and CEO Edward Myers Hayes, Treatment Family Foster Care is a high level program that includes the youth, the foster family and the birth family in a treatment plan that uses extensive therapy and life skills training.    

 “The Treatment Family Foster Care Program at Cayuga Centers is heralded for its success in supporting both the youth and foster parents, and shortening the length of placement when compared to other placement settings,” states Hayes.  “The key is youth placement based on compatibility with the right foster parents in the right home setting, and on-going support from the clinical team. Additionally, we include the child’s birth family so that change happens in that environment before reunification occurs.”

 Treatment services include individual and family therapy, skills training, case management and health care support, all within the agency. Highly trained Treatment Family Foster Parents in these programs are supported through daily staff contact and 24 hour on-call support. They become active members of the Treatment Team that creates an Individual Treatment Plan for each youth, with the goal of family reunification, or preparation for independent living where that goal makes sense.

 The agency also offers short-term respite care in Oswego County using the treatment foster care model.  This program surrounds the youth – petitioned by the court or who has been placed on Probation Supervision – with wrap-around services that prepare them and their family for discharge and return home.

 Last year the agency opened additional short term New York City foster homes to serve unaccompanied children.  These children are placed in Spanish-speaking homes as they await reunification with a family member or sponsor, or return to the country of origin.

 We believe every child deserves to feel safe, and during Foster Care Awareness month, we commend Cayuga Centers Foster Parents for their part in being a welcoming, nurturing influence for children in their care.


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