Cayuga Centers Program Growth

Mar 06, 2015

When Cayuga Centers opened a new enriched residential treatment program targeted to young women currently in secure placements, the agency also opened many job opportunities to fulfill the program’s Group Care, cottage management and therapy needs.  The increase in staff for the one program became a model to increase group care staff and support in the other cottages located at Cayuga Centers’ campus on Hamilton Ave.

Within the past year, employment opportunities at the agency’s Auburn headquarters have increased, adding 14 Group Care Workers and 4 additional Assistant Manager positions, bringing a total of 80 staff providing direct care to youth in the residential treatment program. The additional Assistant Manager positions broaden the career path for the Group Care Workers.  Due to these promotions and transfers, the agency is continually recruiting Group Care Workers to support higher staff ratios for the population of each cottage. 

 “When we developed the CARE enriched program for young women, we knew the number of staff employed really needed to support what we were trying to achieve with the residents,” states Edward Myers Hayes, President and CEO.  “The residential program is a 24/7 operation 365 days a year.  Dedicated Group Care Workers and other cottage support staff are crucial to turning the life of a youth around.  It is difficult work.  It is rewarding work.”

Cayuga Centers was founded in 1852 as an orphanage.  In 1954, the mission changed to serve children within the judicial system; the agency adopted the “new” cottage model of residential treatment.

“The cottage model changed the institutional model of previous residential programs,” continues Hayes.  “Youth are housed in cottages with populations between 10 to 15.  Each youth has their own bedroom.  There is a kitchen and dining room.  This is very different from the dormitory and dining hall residential program.  And it relies on good people to staff each cottage and live with these youth going through their daily routine.  We are looking for a few good men and women.”

Hayes recommends that anyone interested in learning more about employment opportunities at Cayuga Centers can view job listings  The agency serves nine counties, and has offices located in Rochester, Auburn, Syracuse, Oswego, Utica, the Bronx and New York City.  In addition to residential treatment, programs include Treatment Family Foster Care, Services for People with Developmental Disabilities, Functional Family and Multisystemic Therapies based in the home, and Community Based Interventions. 


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