Cayuga Centers Receives $8.3M Federal Grant to Expand Programs for Children

May 12, 2014

Cayuga Centers is pleased to announce the award of an $8.3 million federal grant to provide shelter, safety and education for unaccompanied immigrant children. The grant, totaling $8.3 million through September 2014, is renewable for $15 million for each of the next two years. It is the first federal grant awarded to Cayuga Centers and will be administered by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The new program, called Fostering Success, will add to the menu of Cayuga Centers programs in New York City, but will also have a direct economic impact for Central New York. Cayuga Centers administrative offices will remain in Auburn, NY and the grant will provide over $1 million per year directly back into the Central New York economy.

“May is national Foster Care Month, so this award comes at an opportune time,” Says Edward Myers Hayes, Cayuga Centers President and CEO. “Fostering Success is a natural outgrowth of our mission to help children, families and individuals to grow as independent, healthy individuals through quality counseling, residential and support services. It is a privilege to provide safe and secure foster homes for these children, some as young as infants, and in so doing, also provide additional income for up to 300 foster families. Fostering Success also meets our agency goals to diversify income streams for continued growth.”

A portion of the grant will help underwrite Cayuga Center’s administrative costs associated with the program. Eighty-five new employees will join the 276 already working for the agency. The administrative offices, and other programs such as the Residential Treatment Center, Services for People with Developmental Disabilities, Treatment Family Foster Care, Medicaid Service Coordination and Community-Based Intervention services will continue to operate and grow in Central and Upstate New York.


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