Cayuga Centers Awarded Oswego County Contract for Respite Program

Aug 29, 2013

Auburn, NY - The Oswego County Probation Department recently notified Cayuga Centers’ President and CEO Edward Myers Hayes the agency has been awarded a $148,000 contract to provide specialized respite services for youth in the county. Beginning in October 2013, the program will serve juvenile delinquents who have been petitioned to family court or who have been placed on Probation supervision.  The county is seeking alternatives to placing youth in detention facilities that will provide wrap around services to the family and juvenile during and after the respite portion of the program.  This program will allow time to assess the needs of the youth, develop a preliminary treatment plan, and coordinate aftercare plans and services that would best meet those needs. This all occurs while the youth is in a structured and safe respite home.

Each respite home has highly trained host parents with no more than one youth at a time in the home.  Respite home parents will set clear and consistent limits with follow-through on consequences, while appropriate behavior is positively reinforced.  This relationship with a mentoring adult, in addition to separation from delinquent peers, is key to positive outcomes for the youth.  At the same time, agency staff will conduct initial assessments of the youth and develop an individualized treatment plan with goals, action steps, and timelines for treatment.  This treatment plan begins to map out which wrap-around services the youth will need while in the respite home, goals for the youth while in treatment, needed safety plans, and discharge criteria and aftercare supports. 

Hayes said, “We constantly look for ways to serve youth and families with unique programs that are not offered anywhere else in the country.  This specialized respite program will help Oswego County meet programming needs for juvenile delinquent youth who are not successful in the community due to challenging home situations.  We are pleased to receive this grant which is offered by the county through NYS Juvenile Justice Alternative to Detention and Diversion funds.”

"Our department is very excited to have this opportunity to develop a program that will provide a much needed service to youths and families in Oswego County”, said Kelli Otis, Oswego County Probation Supervisor. “We have a wonderful working relationship with Cayuga Centers and look forward to working with them and our local Department of Social Services to develop and provide this program.”

Cayuga Centers has a strong history of providing services to Oswego County, starting in 2008 with a Functional Family Therapy program underwritten by NYS JRISC funds, and later supported by Oswego County Probation Department funding.  The agency has provided mental health respite services in Seneca County for over a decade, as well as successful treatment family foster care programs in central New York and in the Bronx.

Cayuga Centers, based in Auburn, NY, serves children and families throughout New York State, offering a variety of evidence-based programs, residential and foster care treatment, and services for persons with developmental disabilities.  Cayuga Centers, with nearly 300 employees, has a $17 million budget.


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