Whom do we serve?

Nature's masterpieces – Child. Adult. Family.

Playing.jpgWe serve people. Whatever our position at Cayuga Centers, the bottom line is that Cayuga Centers touches lives, and that is a sacred trust. For many whom we serve, we may be their last best chance to change their lives, to reclaim their futures.



  • The 16 year old car thief from a home where mom and step-dad are substance abusers;
  • The six month old with a learning delay;
  • The 10 year old with ADHD suspended frequently from school;
  • The 14 year old transgender youth who has grown up in foster care;
  • The 48 year old with autism who fears any setting outside his family care;
  • The 18 year old self-mutilator;
  • The 12 year old in county detention, now freed for adoption, with no place to go;
  • The struggling family unable to keep their children safe.

As we do our work, we measure our results to achieve optimum outcomes. We use the best current practices and the efforts of a highly skilled team to build a treatment program that will change the life of a child, an adult, a family.