Remember Fred Day

Frederick N. Richardson served on our Board of Trustees from 1988 until his death this August. Fred added to us in so many ways.  One of the important things he did everyday was validate and lift up those around him. 

The quality of our work is directly attributable to you - our wonderful staff.  You make the difference every day in countless lives - some of you by serving consumers directly and some of you by providing support services to our direct provider staff.  

Starting this year, our Board of Trustees has decided to designate the last business day of November as a REMEMBER FRED DAY.  On this day we thank our staff and encourage them to live the essence of Fred by lifting up each other.  

 This year we REMEMBER FRED Wednesday, November 30th. 

  • In each location, we have designated "Validation Walls" where staff can put up "Way To Go" notes to other staff.
  • Many teams are holding "pot luck" lunches or otherwise celebrating one another.Remember_Fred.jpg