how do we do it?

We evolve together, and journey forward.

What does history really teach us? At Cayuga Centers, our programs change to meet changing needs, but our mission has remained steadfast: to help children, families, and individuals who need support.

What does experience teach us? At Cayuga Centers, we have learned that working with children without the inclusion of their families, fails. We partner with families to rebuild the family unit. That's how we work.

Whatever the program or therapy, each person has an individualized plan and a support network we engage to reach the goals of the plan. Whether an adult with a developmental disability, a youth placed in out of home care, or a family receiving mental health services, all participants are actively involved with measuring the goals and achievements of the plan. We build partnerships.

What do results teach us? At Cayuga Centers, we have learned that our intense approach to helping youth reunite with families takes a shorter time and costs counties less than traditional models of treatment. We have learned that our treatment foster care youth regain healthier family and community relationships, benefitting from the training and support provided to our foster parents. We have learned that most of the youth participating in family resiliency programs do not need to be removed from their homes. We have learned that families caring for a person with developmental disabilities who receive help coordinating services become stronger. We help people journey forward.