Why are we here?

Because every voice needs to be heard.

gerald--terrance-OFE.jpgWe are a network of services geared to supporting youth, families, and individuals who need help meeting the challenges of life. Our programs evolve with cultural and societal changes. Where we once served the orphaned or abandoned child, we now work with troubled youth and their families. We provide residential placement and treatment foster care. We provide in-home family therapy support and mental health intervention. We provide Medicaid Service Coordination and other services to assist consumers with developmental disabilities and their caregivers.

We serve children, families, and individuals who may have diverse challenges and needs from multiple systems. Based in New York State, and continuing our reach around the country, we are Cayuga Centers. We are here to listen to all the voices.


Our mission is to help children, families, and individuals to grow as independent, healthy productive citizens through quality counseling, residential and support services. We do this in partnership with those we serve as well as government agencies and other service providers.

Our Competencies

We aspire to be the best in what we do: bringing quality interventions and supports to those we serve - to improve their lives in measurable ways. As we strive to do this, we keep these competencies as the foundation for our work:

  • We Demonstrate Team Work & Partnership
  • We Deliver Results while Embracing Excellence and Efficiency
  • We Lead with a Strong Belief in the Values We Hold at Cayuga Centers
  • We Act and Lead with Human Sensitivity and Respect
  • We Embrace Change, Innovation, and Opportunities


Nuestra misión es ayudar a que los niños, familias y individuos crezcan como independientes, saludables y productivos ciudadanos a través de consejería de calidad, servicios residenciales y de apoyo. Esto lo hacemos en colaboración con aquellos a quienes servimos, así como agencias gubernamentales y otros proveedores de servicios.

Nuestras Competencias

Aspiramos a ser los mejores en lo que hacemos: brindar intervenciones y apoyo de calidad a quienes servimos; para mejorar sus vidas de manera medible. A medida que nos esforzamos por lograr esto, mantenemos las siguientes competencias como base de nuestro trabajo:

  • Demostramos trabajo en equipo y colaboración.
  • Entregamos resultados basados en excelencia y eficiencia.
  • Lideramos con gran convicción en los valores que mantenemos en Cayuga Centers
  • Actuamos y lideramos con sensibilidad humana y respeto.
  • Aceptamos el cambio, la innovación y las oportunidades.